Last updated 20170224

This table is for calculating the effects of dilution on the concentration of a solution.

Significant Digits:

Number of significant digits in the output.
Defaults to 4.

Start   Delta   End

Use the radio buttons to select the target variable. The final concentration is selected by default. After populating the other 3 fields, the result is automatically calculated. You can change the target variable at any time. The delta column is for reference only and cannot be modified.

This is a simple ratio calculation. It's unitless, so you'll have to keep track of the units yourself. "Concentration" could be any volume-derived unit like density. It cannot be a ratio of volume derived unites like specific gravity. The "End Volume" assumes that the liquid you are diluting with effectivity has a zero concentration of the solute. I primaly use this for determining ABV after sweetening cider.

You can use this with specific gravity by subtracting 1. I'll leave the math of that up to the reader