Last updated 20170224

The Brewery

After 5 years of brewing in more "traditional" homebrew class gear, I decided I was enjoying this stuff enough to invest in a higher end system that can outlast me. I really wanted mash temperature control and the ability to do 5 and 10 gallon batches. About the most popular systems at the time were those based on The Electric Brewery. My system is based on the same design.

It's a three vessel all-elecric Heat Exchanged Recirculating Mash System (HERMS). All three vessels are 15 gallons and are fitted with sight glasses for monitoring liquid levels.

The vessel on the right is the mash/lauter tun (MLT). It's a Blichmann Boilermaker (classic) with false bottom, modified with a wort return port and valve at the top. I've removed the dial thermometer since taking the photo. The bottom outlet port is fitted with a tee and a digital thermometer for monitoring the output temperature.

The middle Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) is a retired keg with the top removed and fitted with a 50 foot 1/2" I.D. stainless steel coil. Again, the bottom output port is fitted with a tee and RTD temperature probe for monitoring the temperature. The top has a return port and the other two ports connect to the heat exchanger coil.

The left is the boil kettle (BK), also fitted with a return port for recirculation and an RTD probe for temperature monitoring.

Both the HLT and BK are fitted with 4500 watt ultra low density heating elements under PID control. The control panel contains the main 30 amp 240V input, 30 amp heating element outputs, 120V pump outputs and inputs for the RTD probes along with switches to select the heating element output, pump control switches and PID controllers.

The stand was inspired by the "Wallace" weldless stand.

Finally, there are a couple of stainles chugger pumps and a stainless counterflow chiller. All fittings use cam-lock quick disconnects and all hoses are high temperature food grade silicone.


I've got 3 fridges in my house. I do keep food in one of them, I promise! I typically ferment in 23L glass carboys. I know they can be dangerous, but I like to watch. Don't judge me.


I added a collar and converted an ancient 20 cubic foot chest freezer into a kegerator. I've got 4 faucets, and they're nearly alwyas active. I can probably fit about 10 kegs in there, but I use some of the extra space for lagering and other cold conditioning.