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My name is Jerimiah. I started brewing extract with a second-hand kit in the fall of 2008. I definitely caught the bug and was soon brewing every other week. I brewed my first all-grain batch in the summer of 2009 and am really loving it!

This site started as a way for me to collect information, links and tools about the craft. I built some JavaScript based tools that I use for doing some caluclations. This stuff has been done before by countless others, but I find value in duplicating the effort. It's fun, it helps me understand things a bit better and maybe someday it will be useful to the community.

By far the most active part of this site is the Brew Logs section. I try and update it every time I brew. You can see what I've been up to and what's on tap.

Lazy Frog Brewery isn't actually a licensed brewery, but aspires to be. I am not permitted to nor do I sell any of my products.

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